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Chef Rang

No Rules Cooking, No Recipes, No Compromise, Only Cooking With LOVE.

A Toronto native of Vietnamese background, Chef Rang holds a diverse culinary heritage that is both nurtured in his recipes and personality. Being raised in Vietnam and growing up in Newfoundland, not only shaped his palate but his affinity for experimenting with ingredients and the skill of perfecting recipes in French, Asian and seafood cuisines.

Living in Toronto - surrounded by beautiful fresh ingredients, farmers markets and a conscious food-driven culture, Chef Rang has all that is needed to be inspired everyday and create unforgettable food experiences.

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Great Food, Anytime, Anywhere!

I know that paying attention to every small detail is what will make your night extra special. What separates my private chef service from all others, is how I create a memorable experience, without compromise. Alternative to other chef's, I require you to have consultation to discuss exactly what you're looking for. There is no preselected menu, all recipes are made personal and to occasion.

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A TV Personality

Forever love

Chef Rang has been featured as co-host on Vice's Dead Set on Life, a culinary travel show from the mind of Matty Matheson. For three running seasons, he can be seen on adventures across the world from moose hunting in Newfoundland, to roaming the streets of Vietnam and jumping off planes in the Nevada desert.

Private Project

After being given so much love and support from my clients and friends in the past years, I want to give back to the people who support me. I spent countless hours putting in love and coming up with some funny, and highly requested t-shirts. Wear these t-shirts and you will cook better and you will look sexy like me. Every piece sold will support my goals and dreams to continue to do my private charity work. If you haven't yet, please take a look at what I do for my private charity. Every dollar counts, and if you wish to support me, you can also donate to the cause.

I'm also creating / developing a recipe for a marinade sauce and other food products that are the most common requests for the future, keep an eye out for new products. Happy Cooking.

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